The Textual Concepts and Processes resource

The resource can be downloaded in a variety of ways to suit your purposes.  This enables you to view the Textual Concepts and processes as progressions across all stages of learning from K-12 or to view the specific content related to the stage that you are currently teaching.  


English Textual Concepts book

This PDF version of the English Textual Concepts book identifies the textual concepts in the English syllabus, defines what each concept and process means and why it is important to teach.  It then charts the development of student understanding of the concepts through each Stage, detailing what students learn through their composing and responding.    Download this resource.  

Textual Concepts and learning progressions

These pages list every Textual Concept and the learning progressions for each stage of learning.  You can easily see each Textual Concept description and learning progression as it develops through the stages or if laid side by side you can see all the learning progressions for an entire stage.  

Download this resource

Processes and progressions

This page lists the processes for learning and how they progress through the stages of learning.

Download this resource

Related syllabus content by Stage

These Stage based documents list syllabus content that form the basis for the stage progression statements in the Textual Concepts and Processes.  These documents are particularly useful for programming and lesson design if you need to refer directly to syllabus content in your planning documents. They show how content from various outcomes are related to several concepts and processes.

The value of this document is that syllabus content has already been aligned with Textual Concepts and Processes.  This will support conceptual programming and planning in subject English. 


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